Get going go on your running routine!

Running and jogging as exercise for your health

Runners everywhere lace-up your best running shoes, until they begin complaining about how difficult it is to breathe because of allergens!

Diving in to things that can help improve your breathing on every run whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or winter.

If I had a dollar for everyone who has ever told me that they can’t figure out why it’s so hard to breathe while running…I’d probably buy a couple new pairs of running shoes. So what is it that actually makes it hard for us to breathe?

Fitness – We develop more lung capacity as we train Speed – Many runners start out too fast and the body isn’t yet ready for that speed or simply requires more oxygen to maintain that pace (in other words, slow down!) Exercise-induced Asthma – If you find yourself wheezing or struggling to breathe, check with a doctor to see if this is the case, they can find options to help! Maybe you’ve always had a hard time breathing or you never thought much about improving your breathing…so why should you care?

Perceived effort – We’ve talked about how running is a mental sport and each time your breathing becomes labored your brain immediately begins warning you to stop. Decreased fatigue – Muscles run on oxygen, that’s one of the reasons trainers used to spend time measuring VO2 max. It told them how much oxygen muscles were receiving and therefore gave them means to improve. Better breathing means getting more oxygen flowing to your muscles as the workload increases. Improved performance – As noted above with less fatigued muscles you’ll be able to run farther and faster! You’ll also see below how Budd Coates swears it reduces injury, which means more consistent training and once again that leads to improved performance! 2016